What Peace Means To Me #HumansOfHeartfulness

Sunil Kumar

Heartfulness meditation came into my life on August 13, 2017 following a philosophical discussion when one of my office colleagues suggested to me to give it a try. There were some questions and answers exchanged on wisdom and he mentioned the Heartfulness system. It was a coincidence that I had three days off from my office – Sunday and Independence Day couldn’t have come at a better time, and I attended the Masterclasses over these three days.

Meditation was new to me. I had no prior experience. I sat down and with the help of the guided videos I gave it a try. On the very first day itself, I felt some stillness in my thoughts and a kind of a clarity in internal vision. I still fumble for words for the experience I had in that moment.

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Since that day I have been practicing it diligently. To say that Heartfulness meditation has brought a big change in my life is an understatement. The definition of peace has totally changed for me.

Before Heartfulness, I thought I could only be at peace if I could have more and more of the things I coveted. I felt that I could only be at peace if I could dominate over my juniors and establish myself as a superior.

It was while practicing Heartfulness that I reached an understanding that to feel peace is different than anything I have ever felt in my life so far.

Peace is staying calm. Peace is a subtle behavior. Peace is in giving to others instead of possessing. Peace is in surrender. Peace is in accepting others. Peace is to stay happy with whatever we have. I am very grateful to have been introduced to the Heartfulness way of meditation. It has been one the finest decisions of my life and one which has transformed me as a person and changed my life completely.