Start This New Year 2018 With The End In Mind!


Wish you all a very happy new-year.

It feels like 2017 just began and it is already ending, yielding to 2018.

We all know happiness is an inner state of being. We can acquire this state by a practice of strengthening our mind, body and spirit. When we look at a human being we are a complex piece of nature. We can all agree that understanding and dealing with this human complex is no simple affair. But every complex standing tall and majestic in front of us, whether it is a building or a human personality, it starts with something very simple and sustainable over a long period of time.

One such simple idea or practice is to start with a goal in mind. If happiness is our goal, then we start with that.  Heartfulness Meditation is one thing that can truly help us in building those building blocks of happiness.

In this process of block building, we strengthen the strengths and weaken the weaknesses gradually over time. We continue with this practice of meditation until one day we are liberated from weaknesses and synergized totally with our strengths. Then like those complex buildings standing tall we too can be simply majestic.

When we begin meditation in the Heartfulness way let us keep in mind the following words to start.

Willingness, Supposition and Orientation…

Willingness is the only thing required to start and practice Heartfulness Meditation daily. There is no fee or any other requirement. One must have completed 15 years of age. Willingness also denotes being and remaining open to meditate. Without being open, we don’t receive much! So willingness makes us receive the benefits of meditation.

One such thing we receive in Heartfulness is transmission or PranahutiPranahuti is a life energy without which meditation becomes static and dry very soon. It is the transmission, which keeps our meditation dynamic.

So, we start with willing open-ness. Now, while meditating, we suppose that the source of all life energy present in the heart is illuminating our being.Simply put, Source of light is present in our heart. We say this idea of light is a mere supposition. Why a mere supposition? Because it is not yet a reality. But through this practice of meditation, this supposition becomes substantive and true in due course!

One of the usual complaints people have, when beginning meditation, is the wandering mind. So, a supposition of this sort gives an orientation to the mind. When the mind wanders, we remind ourselves of the supposition. As this orientation gets deeper, it begins a transformative journey.  Over time, this journey leads to the state of being described by many words like absolute calm, bliss or balance – Shanti or Samadhi or Nirvana.

Heartfulness Meditation Masterclasses are the easiest and best way to start our new year with meditation for building this simple complex over time. A majestic tall one that withstands the vagaries of weather and time, people, seasons and fashions – a steady personality is at the base of lasting happiness.

Please register for the three Heartfulness meditation masterclass sessions guided by the world teacher of Heartfulness, Kamlesh D. Patel, which allows you to meditate from the comfort of your homes. Register here- masterclass and meditate with us on January 1st, 2ndand 3rd.

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