“Heartfulness Retreat is a weekend program for new seekers to come and stay in the serene and pious environment of Kanha Shanti Vanam and get introduced to the Heartfulness practices.”

These 3 days would be to get introduced to Heartfulness as well as a dive into the offerings at Kanha. Detailed agenda is given belowParticipants are welcome to come on prior day evening to the start of the program.

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27th Oct 2023 to 29th Oct 2023 – Telugu-Hindi
17th Nov 2023 to 19th Nov 2023 – English-Telugu
1st Dec 2023 to 3rd Dec 2023 – Telugu-Hindi


If you need any further details or information, please do reach out welcome@heartfulness.org or call our toll free 1800 103 7726 Whatsapp +917871077888

Looking forward to host you again!

Heartfulness Retreat

Anybody above 15 years of age can attend the program. It starts on Friday afternoon and concludes at Sunday lunchtime. This program is free for participants, in which accommodation at dorms and food at common dining hall is provided. Donations are welcome.

Program includes practical session of Heartfulness practices, Kanha tour, Yoga, Brighter Minds, Polarity, Open discussion forums, Me time to introspect, Free time to explore the various offerings at Kanha premises and a lifetime connectivity with the community afterwards.

Participants will get permanent membership numbers after attending the whole program.

Agenda of Heartfulness Retreat for New Seekers of Meditation

Venue of Training – Meditation Hall Satellite Building S1 & S2

Accommodation East Comfort Dorm (Separate stay for Males & Females)