How Does A Vegetarian Diet Nourish My Consciousness?

Eshan Bhushan

I had been quite fond of a non-vegetarian diet since I was a kid and it had been an integral part of my life.

The fondness for such a diet became problematic when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, a gluten allergy in my 3rd year of college. Because of this allergy, I could not have wheat and any form of its derivative. This considerably reduced my food options a lot and therefore, a non-vegetarian diet became a staple diet for me.

I came across Heartfulness in my 1st year of college and, although I started practicing meditation, I only took it more seriously after I attended my first spiritual gathering at Chennai towards the end of my 2nd year. The spiritual gathering brought a subtle difference in me and it stayed with me over the years. My practise became even more consistent and I became dedicated to it during my final year. At that time, I had started reading
Designing Destiny authored by Kamlesh D. Patel, fondly known as Daaji, who is the current global guide of Heartfulness.

While reading, I came across a section where it was clearly mentioned why a non-vegetarian diet can have an adverse effect on our consciousness. The information wasn’t directly asking me to STOP eating meat, but instead, provided me a perspective on why and how my consciousness gets affected with this diet, and how avoiding it can be a better option. I found the direction to be gentle, not forcing me to change immediately, nor making me feel bad about it.

The lines of the book resonated with me and I was able to connect to it deeply. Thereafter, in that moment, I decided to give up non-vegetarian food. It should have been a difficult decision for me given my circumstances but, it was surprisingly simple. It was a decision that I acted on, and I believe that my practise of Heartfulness meditation gave me the will power and courage to make it simple for me to accept it.

It felt as if all the craving and fondness for a meat-based diet had just vanished overnight and I transformed from someone who was habituated to eating a non-vegetarian diet daily to never eating it ever again.

My friends and family did not believe me initially, they felt that this was a short-term experiment. But, when they noticed me avoiding it completely over time, they were convinced. It’s been more than 2 years now and my body and mood feel lighter and fresh as compared to my earlier days. I am very proud of this decision; I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I wish for you to experiment it on your own to follow a sattvik diet and experience the change for yourself.