Heartfulness – Sonia Dovedy

Heartfulness Editor


It returns you Home. A home, perhaps similar to the one you grew up in, or perhaps very different. This Home is lovely, vibrant, and overflowing with love. Can you imagine?

Heartfulness returns you to the place where you are innocent and most vulnerable. It takes you to a time when you are not capable, nor responsible of perceiving good or evil. It returns you to a space before the muddled confusion and chaos in society, or as we call it, “the real world.” Heartfulness happens in the spaces before thoughts are even concrete. It is before inhalation of breath, before I, the ego. This place is sattvic, pure, and in perfect alignment. It is fresh, silent. It is balanced, blissful.

We experience glimmers of heartfulness throughout our lifetime.

Perhaps it is from overhearing the candid voice of a young one, speaking her heart. She quickly reminds you of a time when you, yourself, were a free bird, acting on instinct and truth.

It could be the warmth of the morning sun on your face, gently prodding you awake that takes you away for an instant to childhood Sundays. No school, fragrant traces of burnt butter and sticky maple syrup wafting in the air. You roll back under the covers in sleepy-eyed innocence. There is not a worry in your heart.

Heartfulness could emerge from a smell, such as the pungent eucalyptus leaf that takes you back decades; to that summer you spent performing endless cartwheels in the green grass. Your heart is buoyant.

Maybe it’s the feeling of comfort and security when you return to a town where you know the roads, a familiar place, after spending years far away. The heart sighs with contented ease.

Heartfulness is a deep surrender when you let someone embrace you in long hug. Your hearts flutter against one another.

If we tune inward we can find heartfulness more often. If we listen closely, we realize that a steadfast undercurrent of heartfulness is always present within us. You’ll know it when you feel it. Your heart will tell you.