An Experiment #HumansOfHeartfulness

Manish Sharma

I’ve always approached new things with curiosity and an open heart. I would try, test and prove my observations that arose whenever I came across something interesting.

I was 21 years old and working in the East Khasi Hills, in Shillong, Meghalaya which is a beautiful hill station in India with lovely weather.

Those were the days when I was experimenting with the various techniques of Heartfulness meditation such as waking up at quarter to four every morning to meditate. I could feel the inner and external conditions resonating with one another. To further satiate my curiosity, I also read a variety of material and books from the Heartfulness Institute. Among the practices listed, there is a Universal prayer at 9pm which focuses on universal brotherhood and peace.

At that time, I used to live in a hostel and would eat together with my roommates in the Mess. At one time, I was troubled with sores in my mouth and I could barely eat anything except the simple staple diet of plain rice and non-spicy dahl served there. Soon, there was a change in the cooking staff and the new chef that joined started adding a little more spice in the cooking. Troubled by this new change, I requested the manager to look into it and he, unfortunately mistook the request as a complaint. Soon, there was a heated argument which could clearly have been avoided.

My mood was totally disturbed. I wasn’t worried about the food or the manager. What worried me was how would I now meditate the next morning when I felt such disturbance in my mind! Later that evening at 9 pm, I sat down for the Universal prayer as usual, but all I could see was this gentleman’s face – the manager! I really felt troubled.

I closed my eyes and prayed to God with all my heart, “Please fill his heart with your love.” I almost went into a state of total contentment in my heart in a fraction of a moment!

Next morning came and I felt calm, and I sat down for meditation as usual. The day went by in the office as if nothing had happened; in fact, there were no impressions of the previous day’s happenings, and that evening, I had dinner with my colleague at his home. The next day I went to the mess for dinner and whilst there, the manager called me in his office. I was again disturbed, thinking, “God please save me from this trouble, this man will again spoil my mood!”

As I entered his office, he asked me, “Why did you not come for dinner yesterday?”

I replied arrogantly, “That’s none of your concern!”

With tears in his eyes, he said, “I am really sorry for that day. Yesterday, I had prepared a very special dish for you and you did not come.”

I was struck with awe and wonder. I was totally surprised and felt bad for my unchecked arrogance. I was witness to this miracle which only I saw happening. This event filled my heart with so much conviction about the effectiveness of Heartfulness meditation and its practices.
Following this, I kept doing experiments within myself and noticed the effects outside! My inner and outer worlds continue to be in alignment.