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Gain skills from stress management to self-realization.

Relax from daily hustle

Sleep on time

Calm down from anxiety

Balance your work-life

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Meditate online with a trainer

Practice online training with our certified trainers available at any time.

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Learn the basics with a certified trainer
Set up a free 1:1 session with a certified Heartfulness trainer to learn the basics of the practice

Events that help to know more about Heartfulness

Gatherings - Join us in person by attending our celebrations and festivals

Workshops - Attend our workshops which will allow you to have a hands on experience with our practices and activities

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Meet your trainers


Ayurveda specialist

Dr. Shree Varma

20+ years yoga instructor
1000+ students mentored


Meditation trainer

Irina Tashmetova

15+ years yoga teacher
1000+ students mentored


Pre natal yoga

Veronique Nicolai

5+ years yoga teacher
1000+ students mentored

Start meditating in the Heartfulness way.

    Heartfulness initiatives

    Check out some of our local initiatives aimed at environmental impact, sustainability and much more.

    Over 10 million people trust us. 
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