This is a clarion call for your personal Article Contributions before – 20th June 2017 – for the success of this unique 1-day International Conference being held on 29th July 2017.

Venue: Rani Velunachiyar Seminar Hall, Salem,Tamil Nadu, India
(This seminar hall is in the premises of Shri Sakthikailassh Women’s College).

Organized By

Heartfulness Excellence


AVS & Sakthi Kailash Group of Institutions’

Shri Sakthikailassh Women’s College – Affiliated to Periyar University

(A premier institution with 19 Undergraduate and 10 Postgraduate courses, plus 7 Research Programs)

Embracing the mission of manifesting UNO’s Goals adopted in its Declaration titled: “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” of 25th September 2015 (supported by 193 member states of UNO), we from Heartfulness Institute are aiming for collaborations with all Spiritual, Socio-religious and Scientific organizations. This Conference is our first move in this direction.


It is a dedication to all The Spiritual Masters, whose channeling is already present in the world. Under their August Presence, guidance and knowing that “God is love”, we are bringing this experiential training now in the field of Research. We are focussed to initiate ‘unity in diversity’ by joining all the Organizational Heads in this Seminar. Unity is our strength. We build and nurture this for the Destiny of Humanity on Earth.


This is OUR FIRST TRIAL. We aim to engage the whole world by joining the “Field of Research”.


By tradition, Research is classified as a complex intellectual activity for academic scholars. However, understanding and evolving in our own inner nature, being in connection with our environments – is what we naturally do, especially as members in Spiritual or Socio-religious organizations. It is more so within organizations involved in Scientific-inquiry.


Hence, we are positioning Research with a new angle, in the hands of every willing human, transcending the differentiating boundaries of age, gender, educational qualifications, background and organizational identities to “explore and internalize” the JOY of being and becoming ONE in the nature of the very life flowing in all of us. This is what we are calling people to write about and submit in our Conference.

Theme of the Conference

Main Theme:

  • To highlight the spiritual potential within the recent and on-going process in both the science of quantum world and the science of larger cosmos.

Sub Themes:

  • The ongoing debates about the role of science, its potential benefits and dangers of scientific experiments.
  • Emerging Spiritual, Religious and Political issues in the age of discovery and reason and its Treatment in literature.
  • Concerns over – What is ‘natural’? Whether knowledge is dangerous?
  • Perils of objectivity and the body/ mind dichotomy as per literature.

Feel free to interpret the themes as per your own Perception. The main theme can also include to mean – Internal microcosmic world of atoms/cells & external world – of environmental forces. May the world of scientists bring forth their theories in the advancement of science. At the same time, may the others explore the vital Life-purpose. That is to discuss about Spirituality and how it is related to the microcosmic world of atoms/cells/one’s own inner nature and inter relationships with external environment/forces etc. It can be deeply personal or academic.


It is essential for people who have research experience to bring the rigor of academic article writing and their expertise in their contributions. However, it can also plumb the depths of how to cause results in transformation work in matter-consciousness etc. or involve understanding a dynamic principle evolving in oneself in relation to outside environment etc. There are so many ways to interpret and connect to the stated themes. Please explore what the themes mean to each of you personally and contribute yourselves. We honour and accept all Perceptions.


We are publishing a – Unique Book – carrying all the selected articles with an ISBN & ISSN number.

To Write & Evolve is the Gift — we are bringing to all through this Conference.
We are inviting you to be a part of us in this auspicious event.

Conference Guidelines

Abstract with Full Article should be submitted on or before 20th June, 2017 along with the duly filled Registration Form.

Information regarding acceptance for the revision will reach you within 5 working days from the receipt of the abstract. Selected papers will be published with ISBN & ISSN number in the subsequent issue of a reputed journal.

  • Language of the submitted articles must be in English or Tamil only.
  • Abstract must be 200 words maximum with 5 key words.
  • The length of the paper should not exceed 6 pages (inclusive of the abstract).
  • Format: MS Word 12 font size, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing.

Author(s) name(s) & affiliations should be printed on the 1st paper above the abstract & below the paper

Registration Fees

For participants from India Rs. 500
For participants from Outside India US $ 15

  • The registration fee is to be paid separately for each author (in joint authorship).
  • Registration fee is non-refundable, includes a book and a Participation Certificate.
  • No On-Spot registration.

Documents to be submitted with registration form on email:

Duly filled Registration Form (with a coloured Photo & signature on the declaration of originality).
Abstract & Full Paper (soft copy – in both word doc and pdf format.)
Attach Demand Draft (Scan Copy) / mention the online transaction no. on the Registration Form.

Payment Mode
A) A Demand Draft may be drawn in favour of “The Principal, Shri Sakthikailassh Women’s College”, payable at Salem. Kindly mention the participant’s name and place in the remark section during the bank transaction OR
B) For online transaction pay to: Principal – Shri Sakthikailassh Women’s College (Indian Overseas Bank, Udayapatti Branch, A/C no: 0953 0200 0000 269, IFSC: IOBA0000953) & mention the transaction no. on Reg Form.

Contact Information

Kindly submit your form, article & scanned copy of demand draft/ transaction no. on following email ids:
Tamil Articles: To be sent to Mrs. V. Kasthuri Venkatachalam ( )
(+91 96772 17632: Available for enquiries on WhatsApp)
English Articles: To be sent to Ms. Pallavi Manohar D.M ( )
(+91 97413 69369: Available for enquiries on WhatsApp)

Regarding accommodation & transportation support

For assistance regarding accommodation & transport service to arrive at the Venue, kindly send your queries to:
Mr. Saravana Guptha (+91 94432 45613 )