Meditation for Self Development

Heartfulness Editor
Self-development makes your achievements sustainable. Here’s how Don’t you sometimes feel that you’re stuck doing the same stuff daily? It becomes mundane even if it was something we chose to do. We may not give much thought but growing in life as a human and a learner is important. One of the little ways to keep pushing ourselves is to focus on self-improvement as no one else is going to do that for us. “There’s this repetitive thing that I do that keeps me happy but as I keep doing my happy-thing, I feel bored and stuck. It is not because there’s mundanity in doing the same thing over and over again, but not to add variety in it.” Sometimes, rather, many times we feel to add a few new things in our daily work and life schedule but the yearning to do so is not there. The will has to be so firm that it becomes a habit. The idea of self-improvement is to add flavors to our ambitions and dreams which we already follow. I don’t want to sound like a sermon but self-improvement in little ways can sustain the happiness we feel when our achievements are fulfilled. Suggested Read: Meditate to keep depression at bay How can we focus on self-development? It’s exciting when you have an eye on different ways to grow and self-improve. And nothing could beat the happiness of doing something new on your own. The content is great. While there are several ways to focus on self-improvement, the ones listed down might help you get a good start to make it a habit.
  1. Imagine your near future and not what you are going to do five years down the line. Start with a small step to get a big perspective with time.
  2. Scrutinize yourself daily. Be it in the way you work or the way you live. Add a pinch of humanity every day.
  3. Take care of yourself. Trying to achieve something with overwhelming thoughts will add trouble and not satisfaction.
  4. Maintain a journal to jot down your feelings daily and one self-motivating thing you did the last day.
  5. Don’t rush on several things. Make things that you want to learn and step towards them one-by-one.
  6. Celebrate tiny successes.
  7. Meditate.
Also Read: Meditation going beyond and difficult What are the areas of self-development? The areas of self-improvement could be numerous and splintered off as we experience growth. To me, these are the key self-development areas that could also be categorized as general leads for a holistic approach to self-blooming.
  1. I am aware of my needs, interests, hopes, dreams, adventures, and lifestyle. Self-awareness does half of the task. Be aware of the just-mentioned and you’re halfway sorted.
  2. It’s important to self-govern. As you learn to self-govern your emotions, thoughts, behavior, and actions, the transformation is smooth and effective.
  3. Don’t be scared to be empathic. Socialize as much as you can. I talk to people and listen to them too. Socializing is one of the major leaps towards self-development.
  4. I calm myself down through meditation. I practice Heartfulness–The Heart Meditation thrice a day to gather my thoughts, delete the dirt I carry and make a fresh start with a composed mind.
With that being said, self-improvement is a perpetual adventure that cannot be followed by a set of protocols and a rigid way of living. Live heartfully!