A Morning Routine for a Productive Day

Vandana Kothari
One should never underestimate what a productive day can do to our mindset. When we’ve had one of these and ticked everything off our ‘to-do’ list, we yearn to find ways to replicate it. After all, who does not like to feel accomplished and satisfied? I recently had an extremely productive day, and that gave me the motivation to go on with my tasks for the next day. I tried backtracking all that I did the previous day to unearth that “hack”. Upon reflection, I realised that the answer was quite simple- I started my usual day in an unusual manner. I had been wanting to start my days early, so I finally got myself out of bed an hour earlier than usual (it did require a considerable amount of motivation!). An early start meant that I had more time in my hands to do the things I had planned. I am not a very early riser, but I personally feel that the early hours can significantly affect the rest of our day. I recall someone saying that the way we start our day determines the rest of our day Then, I meditated for 40 minutes and journaled my condition after meditation. Maintaining a journal does wonders. Not only are you documenting your current state of mind, but later on, you can witness your progress – in my case, I am keen on knowing my progress in my meditative practice. I then made my bed and dusted my covers. Small acts like this can make one feel accomplished and geared up for the rest of the day. Also, living in a tidy room prevents our mind from cluttering up. For a productive day, a decluttered mind is the key! Upon arising early, I realised that I was the only one awake in the house. Planning and reflection for the day ahead is how I spent that time. This small activity helped me get into a particular frame of mind. Being able to envision your day ahead and working accordingly is an effective recipe. I made it a point to read in the morning as I enjoy it very much. When we get on with our day, we often don’t find time for the things that we truly enjoy – our hobbies. Taking out time for ourselves is essential, and getting some sunshine in the morning can act as a mood-booster. One could also meditate, go for a run, read, water their plants and do so many other numerous things. Suggested Read: Meditation: A budget free retreat While everyone has different needs in a day, our morning routine can really determine the rest of our day. Thus, a routine which involves small and doable acts like these can effectively lead to a productive day!