With today’s hectic lifestyle, how can I find time to meditate?


If you can lead a stressful lifestyle, you also have the choice to create a calmer lifestyle. If you want to feel peaceful and calm, meditation is key. Even if it takes an hour of meditation to achieve twenty-three hours of a good day, is it not a good investment of time?
Take the example of physical well-being: If you don’t eat well or exercise regularly, what will happen to your body? Will you wait 44 until you have diabetes, a heart attack or a stroke before making time to look after yourself? It is the same with your mental well-being. Will you wait until you are too stressed and depressed before making time to meditate? Vaccination fails once you have contracted the disease.
We have to arrive at what our priorities in life really are. And we have to consider which life skills we want to pass on to our children. Do we want them to live such hectic, stressful lives that they do not know how to be happy? Or do we want them to have balanced lives in which they are able to pause long enough to listen to their hearts and make wise decisions?