The Vibratory Heart

Vaibhav Sisinity

How can we talk about the heart? What are the words we can use to describe the heart? We usually describe all the qualities, like courage, compassion, love, kindness, acceptance etc. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? If this is where the divine spark resides in us, how on earth do we talk about it? The one thing that is sure is that the heart is not a place. I don’t mean the physical pumping station, but the vibratory heart. We can’t locate it somewhere in the physical body, and yet we often try to talk about it as if we can.

The heart is indescribably infinite, vast and non-physical, with no location in space or time. The journey of understanding the heart is the inner spiritual journey, and something we must experience for ourselves. So how can we limit something in words that is not to be limited? It is infinite in its vastness.

Perhaps a good question to ask is: how does my heart express itself in daily life? What is the impact of this vast field of existence in my life? Am I aware of it? Am I conscious or unconscious of my feelings? Do I listen to my heart? Is my heart clear and light, so I can easily make choices?

Here is something practical. Close your eyes and relax. Let your mind go to any situation, big or small, where you have used your heart openly and effectively. Pause for a few minutes and immerse yourself in the experience.

What are the feelings and qualities you experience in this heartful condition? Write these in your journal.

Close your eyes again and relax. Ask yourself the following question: how do I nurture my heart? Pause and immerse yourself in this introspection. Write your observations in your journal.

The heart does not deceive. It frees us from the heaviness of this world, with truthfulness, naturalness and transparency.

The vibratory heart resonates with everything around us. It is the instrument that can resonate. It resonates through love, and the more subtle the vibrations, the more refined the vibratory heart becomes, the more it is in tune with everything in this universe.