Practice heartfulness with self-mastery, yoga, meditation, and wellness. Choose from the different Heartfulness retreats below to suit your needs. Meditate, experience, get inspired, and share from the heart.

As an institute committed to spreading the precious gift of human transformation, Heartfulness strives to awaken the love and light within every seeker. With carefully designed specialized programs and retreats, we help you achieve holistic transformation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our yoga and meditation techniques have gained widespread use in over 130 countries across the globe. Join millions of people that practice Heartfulness meditation.



Residential program in Personal Mastery in a pristine environment – for entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and anybody who wants to achieve self-mastery. Burnout is sadly a common occurrence today across all sections of the working populace – a byproduct of the hectic working pace almost everyone is subject to. However, there is a powerful and lasting solution. With Kaushalam, you can move from burnout to joy, energise your time and yourself, enhance your work and personal relationships, realign priorities for well-being and fulfilment, and inspire yourself on to more of what is possible. It is an effective program that enables a professional to be an integrated being.




Retreats are individualized programs that help seekers focus on immersing themselves in the serene atmosphere of our various retreat centers, one among which is Kanha Shanti Vanam – a beautiful and tranquil facility located in the suburbs of Hyderabad. It’s a magnificent space that blends the raw beauty of nature with modern facilities that cater to the wellness needs. Experience harmony and enhance your wellness at any of our retreats. Choose any location according to your convenience – Hyderabad, Pune, Malampuzha, or Kharagpur. We bring forth a lifestyle that helps change the perspective, introduces Heartful living, and helps you embrace the principles of Wellness.


youth practicing heartfulness yoga


We offer week long Yoga retreats in some of our Heartfulness centers in India. Discover India, discover Yoga, and relax and rejuvenate in the gentle, soft, and serene surroundings of our centers. The retreats that we offer in our Heartfulness centers in India are designed to allow you to experience nature, inside and out. They offer a calm and relaxed space for exploration, contemplation, and creation. Over a period of seven days and eight nights, you get to not only discover India but also experience the world-renowned practice of Yoga and meditation with Yogic Transmission. Relax, rejuvenate, and free your mind from the shackles of physical limitations and ignorance.


heartfulness meditation retreat

Meditation Retreat

Heartfulness has established six retreat centres across the globe out of which three are located in India, one in the United States, one in Denmark, and one in Malaysia.
Experience the transforming effects of meditation in an environment that has been carefully planned and organized to help you achieve the optimum effects. All our retreat centres are designed to welcome seekers into a peacefully silent atmosphere that facilitates deep meditation, contemplation and exploration of your heart-mind space. Come, embrace the quietude, and discover new horizons on your spiritual journey at any of our meditation retreats.