My Tryst With Heartfulness #HumansOfHeartfulness

Nimrat Kaur

I was always the happy-go-lucky kind, ever smiling and laughing. I could be around people but go into my own space even as a child, as if looking for something. My thirst for inner happiness began when I started rebelling against societal norms, against what I was taught a young Indian girl should be. I found shelter in reading self-help books after classes, books gave me solace. That was until I came across Heartfulness Meditation as a beautiful chance of destiny. It was August 2015, I was happy, totally sorted in life, working as a law professor but my heart kept yearning for more. I had finished reading “Many Lives, Many Masters” which left me asking more questions.

The first introductory meditation session was like a home coming, no talk, no show; just plain experience that left me in tears for unknown reasons. This led to a series of meetings with my trainers and getting into a routine of meditating every morning. Life has changed a lot no doubt, but the only constant has been my daily practice of Heartfulness meditation. It keeps me centered and grounded, it is the best addiction I have. While I continue to remain the smiling, laughing person, I have an anchor to give me stability. In my job interview, I was asked what is the difference between religion and spirituality and I think I answered well because I got the job, the best job so far.