Meditation — From A Compulsion To A Lifestyle

Abirami J

A couple of weeks back I had a rapid-fire session with my mentor who asked me a series of questions about my meditation practice:

She gave me a minute to think and, after introspecting, I responded: Meditation is the result of the continuous act of thinking on anything.

I initially started meditating because my mom wanted me to do so. My first individual meditation session was with my Guide in 2013, when I was just 16 years old. As time went by, I began to realize that meditation was bringing about an inner change, and that change came in the form of focus. I started to focus on each and every thing that I took up, which in turn helped me to do my work perfectly in a short span.

Meditation has been, and is, guiding my life. There is one particular instance that still stands out to me. Being the first person to pursue higher education in my family, there was no one to help me in choosing a course in college. But meditation brought me the necessary clarity and discernment to help me choose a wonderful course on my own. With the aid of my daily meditation practice, I ultimately went on to complete both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree!

My ability to focus through meditation has further helped me take chances and explore new opportunities, including making the decision to apply for the Heartfulness Fellowship Program and getting accepted to join the Heartfulness CME Program in Mumbai.

Apart from helping in discernment and decision-making, meditation has also created a great impact on my personality and interpersonal relations. It has helped me develop an inner conviction, in turn increasing my self-esteem and self-confidence. With time, I have started accepting situations and developing a better understanding of others’ perspectives.

I realize that when the heart is at peace and content, the mind gains insight and clarity. I find myself moving from complexity to simplicity, both inside and out. Meditation helps me unite both my heart and my mind and give a meaningful pause to listen to my heart when things seem unclear. This has brought about a much needed balance, integrating both the material and spiritual aspects of my life.

When I look back, my whole life has been guided through meditation – an initial compulsion from my mother has thus been transformed into a lifestyle that has brought me much-needed peace and balance.