How long do I need to practice Heartfulness to feel the effects? What are the possible effects and how can I judge the efficacy of the practices?

The fastest response can be immediate. You do not have to wait five years or ten years or even until the next day. The effect can be felt instantaneously, right then and there. It is like sunlight; when you expose yourself to the sun, you immediately feel warm. When exposed to yogic Transmission, you may feel its effects instantly. But not all of us are the same, so some of us take longer to notice. The effects are surely there from the beginning, but it is fine if it takes longer to feel what is happening, as the process is still working in any case.

Over time, there are a few indicators of progress:

• Your system will become more relaxed and less stressed, as you learn how to remove tension from all parts of your body through the Heartfulness Relaxation.
• Your sleep patterns will improve.
• Your mind will be more centered, more regulated, and you will be able to let go of mental tension and ignore superficial thoughts. You will also go beyond thoughts to the deeper level of feeling and intuition, and then deeper still to more profound states of being, expanding your consciousness to realize your full potential. This happens through the practice of Heartfulness Meditation.
• You will feel lighter within yourself; more carefree and more joyful. The heavier emotional burdens and complexities are removed from your heart and mind, layer by layer, through the practice of Heartfulness Cleaning. The removal of old habits and tendencies results in greater purity, simplicity and emotional intelligence.
• Through the practice of Heartfulness Prayer, you will learn to connect with the Source and listen to your heart, letting it guide your life.