How Guided Meditation Transformed My Life

Lalitha Venkatraman

In today’s material world, we all find ourselves chasing money, fame and love, which ultimately brings us more stress and anxiety-related ailments. However much we try to be our ‘normal’ selves we do not know how to. This is when we need a Guru or Guide who can help us realize our self-worth and find our inner strength to overcome whatever life throws at us. With their guidance, we can hope to find inner peace.

Personally, I had no inclination for religious or spiritual matters; I was happy to just go with the flow of my life as a regular homemaker, spending whatever free time I had on social media. Little did I know how a chance meeting with an old friend would give me a glimpse of the bliss that awaited in my life. Although much younger than me, my friend is nevertheless very mature for his age and he has a wonderful sense of humor. He is a fountain of knowledge for everything in life!

Talking to my friend, he mentioned the Heartfulness Guide, Kamlesh Patel or Daaji, and Daaji’s books Designing Destiny and The Heartfulness Way. I am an ardent reader but had little knowledge of spiritual writing. However, I was riveted by Daaji’s words and I started practicing meditation through the Heartfulness mobile app (HeartsApp) which I downloaded at once! This changed my life; though there was no immediate effect initially, I gradually became aware of my inner self. The clarity of my thoughts improved, my emotions stabilized and I got to a stage where I remained unaffected by outer circumstances. I just wanted to practice compassion and empathy and spread peace and love among my fellow human beings.

I am now excited to participate in the #90DaysofHeartfulness challenge with the support of some nearby practitioners I connected with through the app. For people who are genuinely looking for a way to relax and unwind from everyday stress and become rejuvenated, I highly recommend guided meditation. Below are just a few ways that guided meditation transformed my life:

  1. Improved focus and concentration
    Sometimes we lose our focus and concentration due to unavoidable circumstances, and this makes it a little difficult when we try to get into meditation on our own. With guidance, I find it becomes easier and we are able to gain confidence, and thus focus better in other aspects of our life.
  2. Lower stress and chance of depression
    Meditation is one way to release negative thoughts and visualize gaining inner strength in life. Guided meditation can be so therapeutic that we forget ourselves and our hearts swell with gratitude for everything we have. It helped me to appreciate the amazing gift of life and negate jealous thoughts that others have it better than me.
  3. Enhanced brain power
    With guided meditation, we learn how to boost our conscious and subconscious mind. With intense practice, it is possible to delete our bad impressions and find peace in good memories. In my case, I began to look for happiness within and I am able to distance myself from external circumstances.


So, take a page from my book and install HeartsApp (Android, iOS) to immediately reap the benefits of daily meditation!