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“Quote from Daaji”

“Like birds of a feather, as seekers of Reality, let us make this way of life our primary focus. Let us carry this message out to the world and allow it to permeate our lives… Let us keep flocking together as swans and, soaring high, spread the message of love in a majestic way.”


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“I would also like to share with you some statistics. We now have a few million abhyasis worldwide, those who have experienced the Way of the Heart. Also, in the last five to six years we have tripled the numbers of trainers, and there are volunteers in thousands who are relentlessly working towards the success of our Heartfulness Movement…

Now, going forward, we have so many programs being offered, and many government initiatives also. For example, in Gujarat, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, many schools and government departments are opening up. Recently we had a request to train more than 100,000 employees with the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. How to address this, where we have only 500 volunteers?…

I would also like to receive more suggestions from all over as to how we can take our Heartfulness Movement in a very aggressive way all across these mandals. I wish that from all across the states, all over….I would like to intensify our efforts where we already belong, with a higher presence. So, in short, this is an appeal to seek your help, so that we can take up the Heartfulness Movement even more aggressively.”



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90 In 2018 we had a new practitioner joining heartfulness every seconds
08Meditations being offered every

This was possible due to our

02 million regular practitioners, over
10,000certified trainers and

Thousands more of certified coaches and volunteers, hundreds of centres and a handful of retreats and research facilities all spread across 165 countries.

We are enthused as we believe that our mission to spread peace, love and harmony is only just beginning, with millions of hearts being touched every year by the simple practices of Heartfulness.


Heartfulness Annual Report

A comprehensive report on the spread and reach of Heartfulness Movement in the year 2018.