Heartfulness And Its Effect

A Kamaraj

I have been practicing Heartfulness meditation for the last 10 years, and when I look back I realise that it has effected many changes in me over this time. It has given me direction and the strength to get through various challenges in my life. In a nutshell, these are the key attributes of Heartfulness that have enhanced my life experience :

My inner core has strengthened gradually and with that, my self-belief.

Positive thoughts and a growing prayerful mind have helped me cope with negativity.

With regular practice I get clarification and better understanding of what is happening in and around me.

The better the practice the better the day, and the cooperation of people around me.

An increasing forgiving attitude towards others feels like a step in the right direction.

People are inclined to seek my help and support, even those who have ill-treated me in the past.

Words used in conversations are prudently chosen to avoid hurt and maintain stability.

I am able to hear the heart’s signals during times of crisis, helping me overcome difficulties and surrender to the ultimate.

The development of consciousness is directly proportional to the level of practice.

During optimal times, I am able to connect with my heart to all those around me with the suggestion that they are undergoing spiritual development.

As a teacher, I started the practice of ‘connecting everyone with me and the ultimate’ which helps me to deliver the content better and be on the same wavelength with my students.

I am gradually reaching the approach that everything happens as per nature’s wish.

A very big drawback is the frustration felt from bad behavior and negative actions of others.

With the many rewards that I have reaped through my meditation practice, I pray that everyone feels the benefit of the Heartfulness Meditation system.