From The HeART Of A 14-Year-Old

Savithri Subash

I’m just another teenager interested in the usual teenager stuff. My parents are meditators, and I’ve grown up watching them and many other people, young and old, meditating. I’ve been both curious and fascinated by the idea of light, energy, and vibration. With time there was a longing to experience it myself, until October of 2019, when it became a desperation. The call was too strong to ignore and, when I closed my eyes to meditate, the connection was instantaneous

An incident stands out as a striking evidence of how meditation has helped me. I have been a slow learner, having to spend many, many hours studying the same things that my friends very easily master. As a result, sometimes my head would begin to feel very heavy and tired. The only way was to just carry on through the exhaustion, and exam times were therefore a mess. Too much to revise the day before the exam and Slow Me needed to plod on day and night!

After I started meditating, the first change was that a whole space was released or created in my head. I was a normal student during preparation and the days before the exams, but I was certainly going faster and retaining better. I did not know what this change would bring – I did well in my next round of exams!! The only shift between then and now was that I had started meditating and I could clearly see how it had helped me and brought a change within me.

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The other thing that inspires me is art. Art allows me to be with myself and express my feelings and thoughts through colors and different styles that match my mood. I don’t get many opportunities to follow my passion these days, and I wish I had more time. But sometimes the urge to create is so strong that I drop everything else to go to the drawing board. It’s a balance I have yet to figure out.

I do have a lot of plans in my mind, however I understand that there are no guarantees and sometimes I feel a heaviness within. I have not fully understood this idea of following the voice of my heart yet, and when things are overwhelming I play my guitar or go to sleep. I need some more time to observe how my meditation practice will help shape my daily discipline, inspiration and creativity. I am willing to see how this beautiful energy will transform me.

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