Why the Heart to Heart?

It is heart-warming to see so many of you taking up the Heartfulness practices, especially during the recent global situation. To welcome you to the Heartfulness community, Daaji is inviting you to these virtual sessions to meet and interact with you. It is a wonderful opportunity to meditate, and to learn more about the Heartfulness practices and philosophy.

Choosing to actively cultivate
the inner inspiration of the heart is

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These sessions are mainly for those who have been introduced to the practice of Heartfulness in the last years.You will receive a Zoom link to join upon successful registration.

Sessions Include


A short meditation session with Daaji. Please join a few minutes ahead of the start time so that you can settle down, relax and prepare to meditate with Daaji.


Daaji will answer a few questions after the meditation session. You are welcome to submit your questions prior to the session, or through the Q&A option after meditation.

A few things you need to know

> Registration is free of charge.

> Each session will be 1 to 1.5 hours.

> The current sessions will be offered in either English or Hindi.

> Daaji will conduct similar sessions in other languages with the help of translators in the coming weeks.

How to make the most of these sessions:

> Tune in exclusively for the sessions without disturbance or interruption.

> You will need a stable Internet connection.

> Try to join via a laptop or desktop computer and keep your video turned on so you can interact with Daaji.

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