Heartfulness Institute is a global non-profit organization offering simple & effective Heart-based practices to aspirants & communities, enabling expansion of human consciousness & holistic individual development. Heartfulness practices of relaxation, meditation, rejuvenation & inner-connect along with various other micro practices are universal, secular and delivered globally in 130+ countries through a team of over 13,000 certified Heartfulness Trainers. With over 4 million practitioners globally, Heartfulness Institute is also recognized as a Leading Yoga Institute under the aegis of the Yoga Certification Board of India, Ministry of AYUSH. We are also a United Nations Consultative NGO and NITI Aayog Registered NGO.

Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) , a sister institution, and the Heartful Campus were conceived with the vision of re-imagining education & training of children and youth in the country by integrating the ‘Heart’ in learning, training, and coaching methodologies. The programs and initiatives of HET run across 20,000+ schools, 1000+ colleges, and educational institutions across the country.

Programs offered by HET are designed to enable educational leaders & administrators, principals, teachers, coaches, youth, and students, to imbue a ‘heart-centric’ approach to training and learning.

This allows education to be more joyful, experiential, inspirational & empowering thereby offering immense possibilities for inner transformation and excellence.

Heartful Campus , Students of the present and future generations face an increasingly unpredictable, dynamic and volatile world. Their minds and hearts, their biggest instruments to help them navigate, are also under constant attack with a surfeit of distraction, mindless content and shortening attention spans.

Hence the role of any college, university or academic institution is now to make them ready beyond academics with real life skills. This is where Heartfulness plays a role in instilling an evenness of composure, a primacy of a strong consciousness driven by a serene heart and calmness of mind.

‘Heartful Campus’, an initiative of the ‘Heartfulness Education Trust’, helps you build a strong student who will be the best balance between the heart and the mind.

With the Vision to inspire bold thinkers capable of transforming self and society, Heartful Campus program has touched thousands of students in 1000+ colleges across India.

Heartful campus modules are approved by AICTE( All India Council of Technical Education) Govt.of India and ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Govt. of India.

Certificates will be provided to the participants based on credit oriented programs as per their specific university norms.

Heartful Campus also organizes youth seminars at national and international level. We had an International youth seminar with the title ‘ Rising with Kindness’ in the month of August 2022 with 15,000+ in-house participation, 20,000+ virtual participation, from 55+ countries and 1,000+ colleges.

Heartful Agro Youth Summit

We are happy to announce one of its kind ‘Heartful Agro Youth Summit’ where the students of Agriculture Universities/Colleges from across Karnataka will come under one roof from 13th August to 15th August 2023 at our world Headquarters ‘Kanha Shanti Vanam’, Hyderabad.

Participants will have an exposure to the below in the summit

  • Interaction with Industry leaders
  • Networking with fellow students from across India
  • Platform to incubate new ideas in the field of agriculture
  • Get deeper exposure to the practices on self-exploration
  • Practical sessions on Yoga and Meditation
  • High standard Green & Blue practices at Kanha Shanti Vanam such as,

This event will teach and encourage the youth to apply their hearts in what they do, experiment and find the on the benefits farming community can derive with this shift in Heartful Farming.

Green Kanha

Green Kanha

Forests by Heartfulness

Protection & Translocation of Trees

Soil Rejuvenation Techniques

Natural Farms and Farming

Vertical & Horizontal Farming

Heartfulness Tree Conservation Centre

Heartyculture Nursery & Theme Based Gardens


Tissue Culture

Rain forest


Blue Kanha

Rain water harvesting

Irrigation Systems

Kanha Shanti Vanam

Kanha Shanti Vanam campus – officially inaugurated by the then President of India, His Excellency Shri Ram Nath Kovind in 2020 – is being developed as a resplendent green space and ex-situ conservation center aimed at creating afforestation in the dry regions of Telangana, where attention has been paid to all natural elements, including soil, water, plantation, bio-diversity etc. Kanha Shanti Vanam is designed to facilitate extensive wellness and spiritual training, as well as mentoring programs promoting personal inner experience and opportunities to learn.

  • Kanha also houses, Wellness Center offering meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Originally barren, Kanha now has 900K trees and a nursery of 600K saplings, including 50 rare and endangered species
  • A self-sustainable ecosystem, using solar energy, water harvesting, treatment of grey and black water in wetlands, composting, and development of green energy sources, etc.
  • Traditional cottage industries, e.g. pottery, essential oils, and Ayurveda products
  • Education and training: The Heartfulness Learning Centre – a school with forward-thinking holistic education and an open curriculum;
    a. A training center for farmers in sustainable farming methods
  • World class infrastructure, including:
    a. A meditation hall that accommodates 100,000;
    b. Overnight accommodation for 40,000 people, including a 3-star hotel
    c. A kitchen providing food for up to 100,000 people

About the Organizers


The Heartfulness Institute is a global non-profit organization that teaches meditation to millions of people across 130 countries. The Heartfulness practice has thousands of trainers located across the world and is offered free of charge to all practitioners.
To learn more, visit: www.heartfulness.org

The App HeartInTune is also used by hundreds of thousands of people daily supporting their holistic well-being and conscious lifestyle.
To learn more, visit: www.heartfulness.org